Pamela Alfieri

Pamela Alfieri has dedicated her life to Health, Fitness and Healing.  Her certifications include The Aerobics and Fitness Foundation of America, Dr. Wayne Wescott's  Personal Strength Training, Reiki, and Geriatric Care, her most adored work. 

In private practice since 2001, Pamela received her Muscular Therapy Education at The Muscular Therapy Institute in Cambridge, MA.  Pamela's focus has been helping others cope with and overcome pain and stress caused by injury, illness and trauma.

In addition to Specializing in Massage Therapy at her Wellness Practice, Pamela has worked alongside Oncology Physicians providing therapy for cancer patients.  This delicate care helps to ease the effects of chemotherapy.  Furthermore, Pamela spent time educating and assisting each patient with strengthening and healing techniques during their recovery time.   

Pamela continues her mission to support individuals in achieving personal wellness, integrating various modalities of massage and individualizing each therapy session for one's optimal health.